Project in collaboration with  Jennifer Wicks for InSEA 

ArtGILA123: InSEA is pleased to host its first international ceramic miniatures exhibition which will travel in different countries.   A show of clay based works, limited to the size of a matchbox – 1” x 2” x 3” – and will explore the intricacies of ceramics based pedagogy through miniature sculpture. This exhibition is open to all ceramic artists/teachers who are members of InSEA. Works should reflect the theme of ceramic education and the artist/teacher’s approach to and love for clay. Each piece can be no larger than 1-inch x 2-inches x 3-inches and ceramics must make up 80% of the materials used. Work must be original and fabricated by the artist (NOT by the artist/teacher’s students), and can be functional or sculptural (or both!). Artists may enter one piece, which can also be a mini installation – the whole installation must not be bigger than 1” x 2 x 3”. Please send a photo or diagram of the set up along with the work, so that we know how to exhibit it. Send a label with the work including last name, first name, the title, materials used (including the type of clay, glazes used, and firing temperature) as well as the city and country of origin. All reasonable precautions will be taken by InSEA to ensure the protection of submitted work upon receipt. However, no liability will be assumed by InSEA or the gallery(ies) connected with the exhibition for damage incurred or loss of work while in transit. Please pack pieces well to protect them from damage. Artists are advised to insure their work during shipping and are responsible for shipping costs (including the cost of return shipping) as well as insurance. Artworks may be hand delivered or shipped prepaid to arrive no later than [15 june 2017]. Insurance while in transit is the artists’ responsibility. Works will be sent back at the artists’ expense. Please include prepaid return shipping forms or payment for return shipping with your work. To know more please contact: