About the author : 


Teresa Torres de Eça is President of the Portuguese Visual Art Teachers Association APECV and President of the International Society for Education Through Art ‐ InSEA. She is a member of C3- Inter-action activist art education group and member of the Art Education group at i2ADS -Research Institute in Art, Design and Society, University of Porto. Her research interests are focused on visual narratives; media and digital media, social engaged arts; activist art education, transcultural projects and interdisciplinary education.. Teresa is also a visual artist ,  known as Teresa Torres or  TT.

contact TT  at :  aiea2000@yahoo.es

Art Education Papers 

Activist art education  Projects: 

arts education projects  in between arts, education, social justice;  sustainability, contemplation, joy, freedom, community arts ,  organised   with  collectives of artist-teachers.



Third edition of the collaborative books research/art/education   project

sharing sketchbooks with art educators


The purpose of this action is to develop awareness of the potentialities of artists books in educational and research practices .Through sharing visual notes in artist sketchbooks educators develop other forms of interactive learning processes, in the edges of identity and collective spaces. Participants of this group were  invited to participate in collaborative artists books during one year  in the 2013  InSEA Congress in  Lemesos ,  Cyprus, June 2012 .  One year later the boks were displayed and  exchanged in the 2013 InSEA Congress in Canterbury.Books were made by Pancho and devegarseencadernaaolonge  bindery. Special versions  of collaborative books were designed  for the Insea Canterbury congress and for the art education Wurzburg congress in 2014. A Portuguese version was made for APECV, Portuguese visual art teachers   –  ( Para Que Conste)

para que conste

para que conste, goiania


maltatadas fernanda aninaA collaborative art project using colaborative  patchwork   about violence against women.


The’ derive’ a  Situacionist  concept applied to art education and activist art education

see more

Con TEMP PLAce sTation Experience

16 December 2013 in  stairways of Santiago de Compostela; Jaén and Lisboa-  with C3 members. C3 is a group of activist art educators and researchers in art education .



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