Collaborative books



The purpose of this action is to develop awareness of the potentialities of artists books in educational and research practices .Through sharing visual notes in artist sketchbooks educators develop other forms of interactive learning processes, in the edges of identity and collective spaces.

The project started with Teresa Eça Emilia Catarino and Anabela Lacerda in 2005 , the artists started to make the first collaborative books during that period inviting their friends to participate. Later on they connected with the Group C3 from Santiago de Compostela who were also working on artist books. Together they prepared an action   for the InSEA European Regional Conference in Limassol, Cyprus, in June, 2012, where they conducted  a practical workshop in the conference to develop collaborative sketchbooks with InSEA members. Forty books were manufactured for that purpose by craftsman in the Portuguese bindery  devagarseencadernalonge of the ASSOL Association . People from devagarseencadernalonge were very proud in making sketchbooks for art educators. The books were distributed to the InSEA participants of the workshop in Limassol, and they took them away to start a drawing chain in their countries. ASSOL people also participated in the drawing chain. 12 books were returned .

Collaborative books , 1sr Edition (2012) 

TT with Pancho Matias and the bindery devagarseencadernalonge

40 books


Dr.Li-Yan  explaining the concept of the collaboraive book to her students, Taiwan, 2014.


During 2012 another book was created for the a Drawing Mouvement in Portugal called ‘Para Que Conste’ , the books were left in public spaces of Lisboa, Portugal  and Goiana Brasil such as libraries; restaurants, cofee shops; schools, where people could draw .  In June 2013 the same bindery created the C3 Canterbury Book to be shared with the 2013 InSEA European Regional Congress organizers. In 2014 a special book was created for an action :  the  Wurzburg BOOK    at Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg, Germany. 


wurzburg book



During 2014/ 2015 a special book in progress  was created and elaborated  in several cities using the International situacionist strategy ‘derive’ or walking tour to awake the senses and  spirit to the details of  landscape.

derivas book

Collaborative books , 2nd Edition (June  2016- January 2017) 

TT with Pancho Matias and the bindery devagarseencadernalonge

40 books



Rui Alex


Collaborative Books :  Third Edition  Setember 2016-  September 2017) 

TT; Pancho Matias , Raquel Balsa; Rita Antunes; Angela Saladanha, etc.

The third edition is a work in progress . 40 artists educators were invited to make a collaborative book with a community of their choice.  The books will be assemblend in during this period the artists  will make workshops for  the exhibition room.

The exhibition will also include collaborative books from the first  editions.




Estrella Luna



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 Exhibition at Quinta da Cruz, S. Salvador, Portugal, January 2017 curated by TT,  Angela Saldanha, Raquel Balsa  and  Rita Antunes


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The exhibition last for 3 months with a space where visitants could create  pages for a collborative book and workshops for  several  groups of chidren , adults and seniors  from the region   ( The book of Silence and Flying stories with Patricia Zabalza; The giant book with Angela Saldanha; the book of walking around with Paulo Emilio and Dori Negro; The book of Explosion with Lorena Cueva; The  book of the cities with Estrella Luna; the book of dreams with Maja Maksimovik and Estrella Luna) .



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Exhibition : Bragança Public Library , Portugal,  April 2017 curated by Antonio Meireles and Ana Rochaexpleiria


Exhibition : Leiria  Public Library , Portugal, May 2017 curated by Rita Basilio




Exhibition: Fine Arts School of Lisboa, Portugal, July 2017, curated by Ana Sousa




Angela Saldanha y Cristina Trigo

Exhibition , Santiago de Compostela, Faculty of Education USC; October 2017 curated by Cristina Trigo


Presentation about artivist books at 2nd Eirpac, Porto Nov 2017  by Angela Saldanha;Teresa Eça; Cristina Trigo ( PT) .








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