Orange Day , Namibia 2014

Christiana Matsius, working in the  Namibian  Directorate of Arts   is collobarating with the arts education project Maltratadas   linking it to the Orange Day . Orange Day is an activity promoted by the Namibian Government  to fight violence against women.  Actions were held at:
–  “Arts -to – End -Violence; Orange Day” program in Henties Bay. With  ladies during a  weeklong fashion design withshop under the Directorate of Arts and because it was 25 March, Orange Day, we did the patch work.Thats a very small town in the Erongo Region, a coastal town.
–  Walvis Bay, also in the Erongo Region, a harbour town. That was Orange Day in April.
Several towns in the region are busy to make their patchwork and when we will meet in Windhoe, Capital city on 25 July, each group will bring their work to display there during the celebrations.
The Orange Day program activities has been assigned to various ministries and organizations. So, July is the responsibility of the directorate of Arts and will be in the capital city where our head quaters are.  Christiana is coordinating  activities in the Erongo Region, with  a committee organizing the fight against gender based violence and they aim to get the involvement of some other artists to frame the patchwork and during a special event with the the governor and the commisioner of the region. it will be handed over, with our proposals on stopping the violence,
The committee wants as much as possible patchwork pieces so they can give to all prisons and government offices in the region to be hung for all to fight the violence.

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