Maltratadas, a collaborative patchwork initiated in Portugal in 2013 by artists, art teachers and activist social groups to raise awareness about violence against women.

The project was initiated by artists and art teachers in October 2013 from the C3 group by  launching a call  for a visual story in patchwork about a women victim of violence. The group received about 120 responses in two weeks and together with the respondents they started a chain of action using art process to talk about the problem of violence against women in their communities. In 2014 teachers from Namibia joined the project.
Respect, understanding and sharing had been the values of education through art followers and will be at most as such present a challenge to current cultural and political orthodoxies. Individuals and groups engaged in arts education can work together to create local networks: structures developed from local action oriented towards global impacts. The future strength of arts education will depend on the activities of local structures and on the way they are visible and provoking impacts on different geographical and cultural networks. We may think we need agendas, strategies, commemorative days and road maps, but the roads may sometimes turn into never ending roundabouts if local groups and individuals do not participate in the construction process; sharing local experience on a global scale through connecting gateways.


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