Würzburg book

Würzburg book

a collaborative artist book for the LTTA congress

Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg

February 2014

Design/Book Concept by: Devagarseencadernalonge for LTTA – Learning Through the Arts – Congress

In this workshop Emilia Catarino, Teresa Eça ; Barbara Mahler and Julia Kock introducedd the Collaborative skectchbooks project, an artist book chain experience , where artist- teachers are invited to collaborate in a common book to express their feelings and ideas about being an art teacher .

The Collaborative books chain was initiated during the InSEA 2012 congress in Lemessos, Cyprus . We started the chain because we believe in the power of drawing and arts for linking people. Drawing and other visual arts practices may be a lonely activity, a very personal thinking process . But they also provide channels for communication . Silent communication. Through images people can share ideas and thoughts difficult to express by words.

Sharing those images with others makes us to expose ourselves to the unknown: to the other .

Breaking limits.

Experiencing the gapes and fissures between pages.

So, by sharing sketchbooks we aim another possibility for art education: the possibility of exposure to the otherness.

Because art educators are concerned with the others

Because we live inside the other and we aim to help people to built and rebuilt identities through visual arts.

Because the other is inside us.

Because we are the other and in the sum of all the others , collaboratively, we are constructing our book, the book of our memories, thoughts and dreams .

The book is just a pathway, a portal and an invitation.

To go beyond …

The Würzburg book is calling you, to enter in these sharing process and replicate the collaborative book experience in your surroundings, with your friends, with your students , with your family enlarging our arts education communities of practice.

Emilia; Petra; Teresa, Pancho, Xus, Angela , Cristina; Carmen, Isabel; Ana, Yuri, Seija; Alfredo; Martina; Djiana, Mirjana; Marcelo; Apollinie; Rita; Lola; Yanna; Vasili; Andri, Marius; Theo; Alfonso; Debbie; Raquel; Petra; Christalla, Maria; Venus; John; Noemi; Nacho, Angeles; Rosario; etc.

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visual artist, visual arts teacher and researcher

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