Artists’ book from students and teacher from the University of Lapland


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NAMES OF ARTISTS & TEXTS CONNECTED TO THE WORKS (with page numbers as reference)

Simon Morrell (pages 1-3)

Anne Niskala (4-9)

I really enjoyed of doing my artists’ book pages! I think the whole idea about doing some kind of artistic work together like this, step by step, one by one, was excellent. It was also nice to use free technique and the size of work, a book, make it easy to keep the work with you everywhere, so you were ready when you get the idea what to do.

There was only one person before me who was done something to the artists’ book, but still his pages give me lot of ideas how to continue. First I got some kind of story from the early pages, so I try to make it visual in naïve art – way. After that I follow my intuition about colors and shape. First I felt I need to use lot of color, speed and movement and in the end only a black square with a little detail that came from early pages.

Päivi Sassi (11-17)

The Artists’ book combines the artist community of subjects and themes. It is like a continuum. Every page tells different stories to their readers. Stories are always new, for each author and for each reader. They lead to their own world. I got hold of the Artist book as the second “factor”. I reviewed the previous works: traces spread. Black lines are like closed vertical blinds in the window. With those images on my mind I chose oil pastille and charcoal as a technique for the first picture (where viewers (red heads) are wondering window glass glitz at dusk). Artists’ book reader can identify himself as a viewer and reflects on the question “why”.

For the next pages of the artist book I worked with the drawings of my brother´s girl (5 years old). I used collage technique. Cut and glue. I continued with why-theme under Särestöniemi impact, Lapland, reindeer and everlasting midnight sun. It´s time for the light.

Sari-Anne Hämäläinen (18-23)

I was 3th how got the Artists´ book. There wasn’t so big story in that book yet, so it was easy to do for me. When I look at the previous pics, I had a strong feeling about that, what I want to do there. So the previous pictures inspired me. Doing it was fun and relaxing for me. I don’t think I made big art thing there, it was mostly what I feel at the moment.

Hannu Ulvinen (25-27)

The book had already been filled with colorfull and well executed artworks by couple of others. However, after receiving it myself I didn’t think them that much and decided to create what I felt comfortable creating in that moment. Possibly the old memories from sketchbooks gave me an inspiration to create sketches and figures.

Implementation happened in the moment, after studies, cup full of coffee. From half an hour till hour I was away from studying and everyday life.

Hanna Sipilä (28-33)

I felt easy, free and therapeutic to continue the artist book because there wasn´t criterions for the technique, process or result. I started with colors and combinations of colors, from strong colors to black and white. I used acrylic color, watercolor and pencil. Interaction between earlier pictures was low. I tried to bring my own aspects to the common entity.

Ilona Kyngäs (34-36)

I find the idea of artists´ book very inspiring and wonderful. It’s interesting to see handprint and mind of many people in the sheets of the book – how the pictures interact.

At first I browsed the book – what others have done. I decided to do my pictures with oil pastel crayons. Previous pictures brought colors and shapes to my mind. So I started to do circular forms with colors that were strongly in my mind. It was a cold day of winter when I filled the book. When I looked outside, it was slowly snowing from the dark sky to white ground. I wanted to capture starry sky and snowflakes to one sheet.

It was peasant to fill artists’ book, it was even therapeutic.

Sonja Savola (37-39)

It wasn’t easy to focus on this artist book with everything else going on with studies (supposedly) and so I just ended up browsing pages that other people had made previously until I got a hold of myself and began my pages. The previous pages didn’t affect my work. Or they did in some way, because I didn’t want my pages to be too similar with the previous ones. We had had in class this Drawing/Painting -circle in which we had different tasks/etc. to do. One task was to draw a picture with pencil from an item you brought with you to class. I got stuck with the idea of drawing with pencils so I wanted just draw something to the artist book. I drew a flower or actually three flowers… A flower brings summer to life and it cheers me up now in the middle of winter J

Niina Manninen (40-43)

I felt that pages were playful and colorful. I wanted to continue this theme. I took my old wax color and colored my own four pages by using Frottage -technique. It was fun and inspiring. My four pages was just a little piece of that book, but when it’s finished, maybe the reader can find some story there.

Tiina Koivukangas (44-47)

When I got the artist book myself, I went through and through it, and gave color to carry me forward. I stopped on the last page – it was white, it was mine. All of a sudden I just knew that I had to grab a warm orange, and paint it, what brought paintbrush.

Color, I chose, the orange, probably on the previous page, and from red to yellow due to the world. Damage to water – and the color ran to the next page, so I decided to just follow the lines. Eventually, it faded, and led me to the drawing board the words: “Be at peace, set your heart in flight again, for the truth is light – the light is you”. It was Anathema, my favorite band.

This was my artist book side.

Satu Karjalainen (48-49, 51)

When I got the book, there were quite many pictures already there. I think every picture is like a story which tells about the artist’s internal landscape. Everyone had left their signs on the pages and so did I. Three horses were galloping through my fingers on the paper. They just came from somewhere and off they went. There were some colors from the nature on the next opening as reminding of my visit.

Niina Larikka (52-53)

I had been dying to get the artists’ book in my hands, when I got it for a weekend. I could do anything. Fellow students before me had done a huge variation of ways to fill the pages with colors, shapes and feelings. I knew that the white paper -syndrome would be something that might make doing the artists’ book difficult for me. What if I’ll mess up and the result will be crap?

Browsing the pages of the artists’ book didn’t give me a clear picture how many people have had the book before me, and how many pages each of them had used for their art. Four people had already written their thoughts about their artists’ book process to Optima, and I read their descriptions. From some of them I could see who had done what, but most of the pictures were to me just pictures without any more information.

I had been playing with ideas for a self-portrait in my mind for some time, and that affected the result.

Mari Tolkkinen (54-56)

I was almost the last one of the minor group of Art Education students who got the artists’ book. The process was interesting: there already were lots of fulfilled pages, which were very unique. Even though I couldn’t combine every single picture and student, the pictures had their own story to tell.

I had my idea from the world of stories and fairy tales: I wanted to create something visional. The third picture is a sun with a chorus from the song of Ace Of Bases ”Life is a Flower”. The song is important to me and reminds me about the positive attitude. I wanted to share it.

Irene Heikkilä (57-60)

Turning over the artist book was really inspiring. I had the artist book many days before giving it forward but finally I didn´t make that much pages that I had thought. The ones I made I did without any pressure, and I feel that I managed to express my ongoing feelings as they were at the moment. For the future, I´ll keep in mind the idea of a common art book.

Seija Ulkuniemi (103-125)

After my thirteen art education students had finished creating their images, I sat at my kitchen table thinking about each of them. I draw whatever lines came into my mind, and added some color that seemed to fit with the person I was thinking of.

After that I played with an idea of making myself a tattoo, which I for certain reasons maybe never can do. That process made me to use the form of an egg – a very important object in Finnish mythology – as well as river, also characteristic to my homeland.


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